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Welcome to TMD on 1580AM

The Morning Drive is a show that creates a bridge between the young and older Haitian communities... ANN ALE!!!!!

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Through this station we want to present a show that will bridge the young and ol...

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Hosts of Morning Drive

Rhonel Cinous

Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Miami, Florida, Rhonel Cinous is a fun loving free spirited individual. The last of six kids born to Haitian parents, Rhonel whole heartedly embraces the culture he inherited from his family. A student of life, he absorbs knowledge from all possible sources and learns from the experiences life has given him. A creative writer and poet, Rhonel looks forward to publishing many of his works in the near future. Via the WSRF 1580AM he wishes to reach the young Haitian-American audience and share his knowledge, experiences and definitely a few


Fabiola M Charles Graduated MDC with AA in social work, and currently attending FIU towards a BS in the same major. She is very passionate and very much in love with the arts especially music and theater. Born and raised in the heart of Port Au Prince, Haiti. Moved to the US at 17 years of age, went to school for journalism but switch to social work but the love for journalism remained intact. That is why she got involved in the radio as a host. She is the President and founder of Fabiola Marie Foundation (FMF), a foundation focused on helping children in need. She is an optimist, easy going, loves to laugh, loves being goofy, Big food lover, but most importantly loves to make fun of Rhonel's Creole


Born and raised in Broward County as an only child, Rebecca has always been a bold, carefree person. Raised to be proud of her heritage, a love grew in Rebecca's heart for her Haitian people and to make a difference in her community. Hoping to inspire others, she is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism; aspiring to be a news anchor someday. And with the help of The Morning Drive Radio Show on WSRF 1580AM, Rebecca is well on her way to achieve her goals by using her influence to help her Haitian-Americans and Haitians combined